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Dear Wealth Hacker,

There are ​two kinds of events for investors in today's market...

The first one caters ​towards beginners and people who are just ​learning how to invest. This kind of event usually covers the basics and, in most cases, pitches you a more expensive program after every presentation.

Then there is another kind of event that​'s catered only for ​the serious and advanced investors. 

It's 100% content-​filled​ and gives you an edge over the others.

  • Th​e Latest Insights...
  • The Latest 'Whats Working Now'...
  • The Latest Opportunities...

But even that doesn't do justice to what Alpha Summit is about...

Alpha Summit is all about the search for the next winning stocks... stocks that actually 10​x your returns.

It sounds crazy...

But that's exactly what we have in s​tore for you this year.

For those who are ready...

It's time to take your game to the next level...



Let ​us show you what you'll experience at Alpha Summit...



We'll kick-start ​Day 1 with the BIG PICTURE and the framework ​for investment success.

With the right framework, you're ​able to amplify your results with the right strategies and tactics.

There are so many different companies out there, so many different industries, and so many different business models... 

The question is​​... ​​which are the ones that will give you the highest possible chance of making huge profits from the stock market?

With the right framework, it ​will ​point you in the right direction to focus on.

Which are the companies to look for?

Which markets are currently undervalued?

What are the common traits of a successful and growing ​company?

The ​framework is the key to success because without ​it, it​'s so much harder to form the right mental models for investing. 



By now, you should already have ​the right framework and mental models in place.

Day 2 is all about tactics and strategies.

Each speaker will touch on different tactics and strategies when it comes to looking ​for growth:

  • How To Look For Potential ​10-BAGGERS​

  • How To Look For Management That Are Great Capital Allocators

  • How To look For Market Leaders In Niche Markets

  • And More!!

These are ​insights that we've never shared before... and ​you have to be here to learn it.


​​Registration, Networking

The event kicks off on Saturday ​@ 9 a.m.​

(So ​be sure to arrive early​ so you have plenty of time to register for the event and ​to network with other Alpha Lab members before we get started!)

Here ​are the details for the event:

Date: 19​​th to 20th January 2019

Time: 09:00 ​to 18:00hrs (​Both ​​Days)

Venue: NTUC Auditorium, Level 7

Address:1 Marina Boulevard, Singapore 018989

Doors will open ​@ 845am and you want to be in the best front-row seats to get the best view for the event.

In addition, ​we've also ​have some cool stuff planned out for those who arrive early. So​ plan to arrive early enough on ​Saturday with plenty of time to settle in, register, and network! ;)

Saturday, 19 January
Doors Officially Open ​@ 9AM

Day 1 - The Framework 

Day 1 - The Framework 

Saturday, 19 January 

​We dedicate the first day to creating the right mental models for investing.

Today ​is all about the big picture​​.

Today is ​all about ​working smarter... not harder.

Because this gives you the direction ​on what EXACTLY you should be focusing on​.

​O​nce you have the right framework, ​piec​ing together winning investments becomes a lot eas​ier.

Here are just some of the things you'll learn in today's ​training session:

Session #​1

"​​​​Where The ​Opportunities In Today's Market Are ​And How To 'Ride The Wave' For More Profit"

Knowledge is power.

​It weeds out all the unnecessary noise and let you focus on only the things that matter -- like ​insights that actually make you money.  

The more informed you are, the better the decisions you'll make.

In short, it makes things easier.

It's A ​Lot Easier To Find Opportunities  
Where The Market Is Cheap

It's almost like surfing...

​When you know ​where the opportunities are, you can ​ride ​the ​waves, ​​and find more ​companies​ trading below their intrinsic value.

In this presentation, ​you'll not only learn about the current market valuations​, but also how some specific industr​ies are performing​.

The ​markets that we will cover include:

  • Singapore 
  • Malaysia
  • Hong Kong
  • ​United States

Apart from ​market insights, ​​​​we'll also show you what kind of companies to ​look at in these specific regions, and what kind of results ​you can expect.

After this presentation, you'll have a more complete picture of how to strategize the way you ​search for stocks and how you invest your money.

You want to be here for this because ​it's going to be a complete game-changer!

Session #2

"The 'A-Z' Breakdown From Asia's
Most Profitable ​COMPOUNDERS"

"The 'A-Z' Breakdown From Asia's Most Profitable Ten Bagger Stocks"

​You've always heard ​the phrase 'compound your money'.

We studied over 30 companies that are responsible for bringing in over 1,000% in ROI (yup, ​that's 10​x ​your ​money) and, interestingly, we discovered something very similar ​in all these businesses.

Call it a single point where all the stars converge...

It's is at this ​stage that ​compan​ies go​ ​onto a super growth stage​...

​A ​stage where they'll start ​bringing​ record revenue, beat estimates, and see their valuations soar...

​​More startling, is that we discovered that a few types of business models get​ there faster ​than the ​rest...

These Are The '​Compounders'

We'll share our findings here with you in this session and you'll get answers like...

- Which are the business models that are most likely to succeed...

- Why ​a certain type of business is the 'perfect' model for investors...

Obviously, when it comes to investing, not only is studying a company's business model important, you also need to have a keen eye to catch ​​its 'growth ​catalysts' ​before they take off.

The 'Tipping' Point For 
Growth & Profits

What are ​the phases of growth?

At which stage ​is a company at right now?

It's going to be a new perspective on how to go about ​searching for good businesses through an investor's eye...

So if you are looking for HUGE CAPITAL GAINS (​like 3x to 10x your returns...)

​And want to ​​make it without all the hype and risk... 

​Then this session will help you explore the possibilities, nail down the kind of business models to look ​for, and understand which phases of growth they're at right now.

Session #​3

"​How To Grow Your Wealth With
The '​​Alpha' Portfolio"

This is going to be a very exciting and interesting session...

Now ​one of the questions we get very often is... '​What's inside our Alpha Portfolio​?'

Well, this is it...

For the first time ever...

We're Revealing Our
'Alpha' Portfolio

Here every year, we'll ​go through all the updates, the insights, and share with you our decision-making process when it comes to stock selection for capital gains.

  • Which companies are we buying for growth and capital gains?
  • What are our reasons for buying?
  • ​Is ​the business on track and is it still a good​ investment now?
  • check
    When did we buy it and ​what's the intrinsic value now?

It's all answered right here in this session.

We'll break down step-by-step the framework we use to rack up a win rate of 72.2%. ​

It's like our Dividend​ Machines Portfolio, except this time, it's geared ​towards capital gains.

So if you've ever struggled with wondering what to do with all those investment ideas ​on your watchlist, this presentation will be an eye-opener for you!



Yup, Alpha Summit is​ literally an investor's content paradise, so be prepared to soak up tons of insights and 'knowledge bombs' from start to end.

This means you ​WON'​T have multiple speakers coming up on stage to pitch you their workshops or programs...

And you can also enjoy peace of mind knowing you won't be ushered into 'limited opportunity' rooms only to be subjected to cheesy, high-pressure sales pitches.

To put this straight, this is NOT a teaser event for a more expensive program. There are no programs or inner circle memberships whatsoever to sell


​Expect to get ​proven, working strategies and investment frameworks ​you can apply immediately to transform your investment results.

This means that we don't only cover 'good-to-know' ​theory... but also powerful, practical steps that actually push you towards your goals. 

Everything is carefully structured so that you get the best learning from the ​Summit​:

  • Case Studies

  • ​Real-Life Examples

  • ​Walk​throughs

  • Investment Ideas

​All done purposefully to make sure ​YOU GET IT.

​Like we​ ​mentioned earlier​... ​be prepared to soak up ground-breaking ​knowledge from start to end.

Sunday, 20th January
Doors Open @ 8:30AM

Sunday, 20th January
Doors Open @ 8:30AM

Day 2 - Strategy, Tricks & Tactics​

Day 2 - Strategy, Tactics & Tricks

Saturday, 19 January 

​Today is all about tactics, strategies, and tricks of the trade.

​​If you have not gotten you fill of the case studies and ideas from ​the day before, ​Day 2 will not disappoint...

​Packed with case studies and ​detailed walkthroughs...

​It's going to be another day jam-packed with 'mind-blowing' revelations...

Here's just a sample of what we are covering in ​Sunday's training:

​Session #​​1

"The 3 Most Optimal Portfolio Strateg​ies
To Maximize Your Return ​While
Minimiz​ing Your Risk​"

Have a plan and stick to it.

It's one of the keys to success... because only then, you won't be distracted and swayed by other 'bright shinning objects'.

One of the ways to maximize your gains and minimize your losses is about knowing which portfolio strategy to use.

This way, you'll be able to optimize the​ stock ​allocation of your portfolio so that the pros always outweigh the cons.

However, there is no one-size-fits-all strategy because each and everyone of us have different goals, amounts of time and money... thus​ affecting our own risk profile.

Over the years, we ​discovered ​there are ​usually 3 portfolio strateg​ies that work​ best to help you achieve your investment goals -- each ​comprising a different 'investment class' and strategy.

We'll share ​all of them here in this session 
so ​you can pick the one that best fits your profile.

Want faster returns?

Here's what you should do​ -- including which companies to look at based on ​what your risk profile should be...

Want stable returns with minimal risk?

Here's the portfolio structure you should ​model... 

How about 'hybrids'?

It's all laid out here for you.

Once this session is over, not only will you have a clear idea about how to structure your portfolio, but you'll also know wh​ich kinds of companies you should focus on.

Session #​​​2

​​"​​The Little-Known Secret To ​Uncover Potential ​​10-BAGGER Stock​s That​ ​Are Hidden 
From The Public's View"

They say that all you need is just one idea​ -- an idea that can return 10x your money.

How many times has it been since you discovered a great company, only to realize that it​s major growth phase and stock price has already run it​s course? 

Now what if I told you that it's possible to invest in ​these companies before they balloon​ in value...

​Not 2​x, not 3​x... but 10x​.

It's not easy, but we'll show you one metric we discovered recently that can help you do just that.

This metric gives you a 'clue'...

A clue that helps you find a great business that is not only strong, but also growing at an amazing pace. 

How is that possible?

Without giving too much away, ​it's about companies ​that are underreported and ​under the radar f​or most people... ​for the time being. 

Imagine getting a piece of this company before everyone starts noticing...

What do you think is going to happen when it finally announces it​s presence to the world?

That’s why we call it 'The Stealth Bomber'... a company that is 'hiding' and 'secretly' growing behind ​the scenes, and by the time the whole world knows about it, it's ready to 10x your investment.

In ​this session will show you how to get ​those ​10, ​20-Baggers...

It's a step above the usual ​system​ to find high probability winners... 

​But when you can potentially see your money coming back tenfold​, it's definitely worth the effort.

​You'll learn all about how this metric works, with LIVE examples and how to apply this metric ​accurately. ​And if ​we'​re lucky, we might just share a case study of a company that is currently experiencing th​is kind of under-the-radar growth.

Fingers crossed... but you will want to attend this session LIVE.

​Session #​​​3

"How To ​Double Your Investment ​Returns By Riding On The Management's Bandwagon"

You know that good management ​is key to a thriving business​. ​And a thriving business is what makes the company grow in both value and share price over the long run.

As an investor, not only do you want to look for capable management that ​​are good at running their businesses but, if possible, you want one that is also an exceptional capital allocator as well...


Because ​Great Capital Allocation Puts The Company In 'Twin-Turbo Mode' To Generate Returns For Shareholders

We call this ​'The Twin Tigers' because these companies knows how to maximize their profit ​​and reinvest it for higher returns... which spells ​great news for shareholders like you.

​Would you like to invest in companies that ​can potentially grow at double the speed​, double the ​returns​?

I bet you do...

Like a well-oiled machine that generates EXTRA cash ​for the business, these kind of companies can give you exceptional returns over the long term. Think Berkshire Hathaway... 

We'll show you the key components on where and how to look for these companies.

So if you love great business and like to study how amazing people run them, then this session will show you how to look for these companies -- backed with case studies and real-life examples to help with your learning.

​Session #​​​4

"​How To Search & Profit From ​Niche ​Market Leader​s ​In The Stock Market"

So what do Nike, Google, Amazon, and Apple have in common?

How about some of the companies that that we've invested in the past? ​Companies like:

​- LMA (+42%), 

- Hartalaga (+300%), 

- Premier Marketing (+74%)​

What do you think is their common denominator?

Quite simply, they are ​market ​leaders in their respective niches...

Market Leaders Almost Always Win

Because in one way or the other, market leaders can dictate their ​value proposition.

They ​have pricing power, they have volume, and they can ​make their own terms when it comes to doing business with suppliers, partners, and customers.

Here in this session, we'll show you a way how you can look for 'niche' market leaders...

Once you know learn ​this concept, ​it'll ​give you a ​new perspective on how you analy​ze companies.

You can now determine the 'command power' ​a company has in its market space... 

​And ​when you are able to name your own terms, you win.

Better ​Business = Bigger ​Profits

This method applies not only to large-cap companies, but also small and mid-cap companies that still have plenty of runway ​to grow...

​And we all know that good things can happen when you invest in these companies.

(​All You Need To Ask About Investing)

The sky's the limit here. What more could you ask for when you sit together with some of the sharpest investing minds and have them personally answer ​your investment queries.

For a start, here are just some of the questions (but not limited to) you might be interested in:

1) Stock Opinions: If there's a ​stock you've been monitoring and you're wondering if you've picked the 'right' ​one, here's your best chance to ask if these guys have analyzed it and what their opinions are on it.

2) Ratios, Numbers & Valuations: Ah, the technical side of things. Think about the insights and analyses these experts can give you, and the right kind of ratios and valuation methods you must use when analysing different types of companies.

3) Investment Ideas: Depending on the speaker, you may get one or a few golden ideas that they might be monitoring at that point of time. No promises. But you get the hint.

​In Just ​2 Days of Alpha Summit
 ​You'll B​e Fast-Track​ed....

  • ​​Gain first hand insights into where ​the ​best investment opportunities are in the market today so that you can easily find the best companies at ​attractive prices

  • Learn ​the most ​effective investment ​strategy to apply in each​ ​market so that you can reap the most ​profit ​to meet​ your investment goals

  • Get ​access to our Alpha Portfolio where we'll show you what ​stocks ​we are looking at and wh​y (​Looking for a ​shortcut​? This is it!) ​

  • Uncover ​the most optimal ​portfolio strategy you should use ​to maximize ​investment gains while minimizing your ​potential risk​, ​regardless of your risk appetite

  • Have all your investment-related questions answered by real, 'in-the-trench' investors who are bringing in real profits year after year during the Q&A panel (you can finally have clarity and confidence)

  • Learn ​proven ​, advanced tips and tactics to ​uncover potential ​10, ​20-​bagger stocks ​-- ​who says '​high ​returns' need​ to​ be risky?​

  • Mingle & connect with hundreds of ​seasoned retail investors​ and business ​captains​. You never know what new insp​iration​, investment ​ideas or even mastermind opportunities you'll ​glean as you expand your network

  • ​And much, MUCH MORE

(This Is Not For The Faint Hearted)

By now, you should know that the stuff that we will be sharing at this event is going to be​ 'next-level'. ​

It doesn't just show you how to find winning stocks...

​But also ​​ideas and strategies ​to b​ringing in ​10, 20-​bagger​s.

Because of that, it does require a certain understanding of how investing works​. ​

​We won't be going through 'what is value investing', '​how to look at financial statements', 'what does ROE ​mean' or ​things like that​ -- you should know all that at the back of your head by now.

Yup, ​​the concepts, tactics, and strategies that ​we will be sharing ​at the S​ummit are ​intermediate to advanced... ​

So ​if you are just starting out, then this is definitely not for you.

But if ​it is...

​​​Then Get Ready For An Epic Journey
​​To The ​Next Level​...

​​It's an event that'll show you how to properly invest for capital gains... 

​​You'​ll be given​ the 'tricks of the trade' that'll absolutely ​supercharge your portfolio...

​A​nd you get to choose between the 2​x, 3​x, or even ​the 10​x route...

​It's ​your choice!

We ONLY have ​250 tickets for the event.

So ​If you ​have been ​searching ​​to find stocks that can actually 10​x your investment returns... 

​Then ​you know ​you want to be ​here.

​Go get your tickets now.

They may not be available tomorrow.

Claim Your Tickets Now


​Thanks again, and we're so excited to see you at the event.

The Fifth Person

P.​P.S​. ​This is NOT your usual investing event. Th​is is not just about investing in good businesses but, rather, the hunt for the next ​10-​bagger​. It is about taking your skill set to another level. ​

Alpha Summit 2019 Event FAQs

1) What is the date of the Alpha Summit?
The summit will be held across ​two days (19th ​to 20th January) here in Singapore.

2) Where is the venue for the event?
The event will take place at NTUC Auditorium, 1 Marina Boulevard, Level 7.

3) What times do I need to know about?
The event begins at 9:00 AM and concludes around 6:00 ​PM on ​both days.

4) Can anyone attend this event?
Yes, but preferably, you should already have ​an investing background to maximize your learning at Alpha Summit.

5) Can I bring my spouse or a guest?
Because there is limited seating, every person ​MUST purchase a ticket to get into the event.

6) Can I get a refund if I can't attend?
Because of the limited availability of seats for Alpha Summit, you will need to notify our office 21 days prior to the event if you're unable to attend.